The Spy Cops Communications Group has been set up to facilitate, empower and increase the engagement of people affected by undercover policing, including non-state core participants (NSCP’s) into the undercover policing inquiry.

We have launched a crowd funder to raise money to help people affected by police spying get access to justice. You can find out more here

We are building networks with campaigns, groups, and individuals to use the opportunity of the public inquiry to push for real and lasting change into undercover policing.

We also aim to increase press and public understanding of the public inquiry and the devastating impact of undercover policing on human rights and democracy.

We believe it is vital that we grasp the opportunity of the Undercover Policing Inquiry to get to the truth behind the undercover policing scandal and to create lasting change to stop these abuses

If you are a core participant in the public inquiry but have not heard from us, it’s likely we don’t have your contact. So please get in contact with us and we can add you to our mailing list.

We provide bi-weekly updates into the progress of the inquiry, host quarterly meetings to bring core participants together (the next one is on the 30th of September,)  provide media skills and other relevant training and skill sharing. Perhaps, most importantly we exist to provide support and reassurance for all of us taking part in this difficult and long process. If you think you have been spied on but are not currently a core participant and would like to be, get in contact here.